Posts from September, 2010

Site Relaunch!

The Official NaNoWriMo website will relaunch this Friday, October 1st… so get ready, NaNo days are almost here!

Look for new forum organization, new things to distract you from writing (as usual), and an improved NaNoMail system.

Also, let’s congratulate our former Brant NaNo member Negasi, who’s taking on the task of ML for Durham Region!

Less Than Two Months to Go!

With less than two months to go until NaNoWriMo 2010, it occurs to me that many of you may be planning, plotting, or panicking over what to write this year.

Have no fear! Here are a few fun tools to help you get started as you wrack your brain for ideas:

Plot Scenario Generator

Random Plot Generator

Random Logline Generator (very silly)

Plot Shot (plot ideas with Flickr images!)

…have fun!