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Last Write-In TONIGHT

Tonight is the last write-in for NaNoWriMo 2010… if you’re needing to sprint to the end, come out and write write write!!! And even if you don’t plan to make 50k, why not get some extra words in anyway? A little extra writing never hurt anyone. :)

It’s at 7pm, Thorpe’s Funeral Home in the Carriage House.

And if you DO hit 50k… remember to VERIFY your novel on the website, so you can receive your winner’s certificate and prizes (like an offer of a free proof copy of your novel from CreateSpace, and a 50% discount on Scrivener writing software)!!! You must do this by 11:59pm tonight for it to count!!!

Then chime in on the TGIO party, and keep your eyes peeled for some new forums & info (and an End-of-NaNo survey) coming later this week!

Two More…

…and one of them is tomorrow at Coffee Culture, 1pm.

We’re almost there — you can do it!

Also, if you haven’t done it already, pop on into the regional lounge and give your two cents on the TGIO party. We want to get those details nailed down ASAP so there are no surprises.

Four days to go, my friends… the end is in sight!

Only Three More Write-Ins…

…and one of them is tomorrow at 9am at the Blue Dog! I’ll be there, pouring coffee down my gullet like my life depends on it. Which it might, but it’s not a theory I care to test at this point…

Write-Ins, Write-Ins, Everywhere…

Nov. 18th – 9am @ Blue Dog

Nov. 20th – 1pm @ Coffee Culture

Nov. 23rd – 7pm @ Coffee Culture

…c’mon down and WRITE!!!

Write-in at the Blue Dog, 7pm – MEETING ROOM!

Happy Halfway, everyone!!!

We have a write-in tonight at 7pm, and we’re in the Meeting Room (upstairs, take the back stairs) at the Blue Dog on Brant Ave.

I have a bucket full ‘o prizes that I need to give away to YOU!!! Come write, do some word wars, get some stuff!!!

w00t w00t

Write-In TOMORROW at the Blue Dog (Meeting Room)

Write-in TOMORROW inĀ the Blue Dog MEETING ROOM UPSTAIRS, from 1-4pm.

To get upstairs, go past the counter and toward the washrooms, and the stairs will be on your left (don’t go up the stairs just inside the main entrance, that goes to the staff room). If someone wants, they could print out a “novelists at work” sign from the NaNo website and post it at the bottom of the stairs so others know to come on up!

I won’t be there tomorrow (at a conference), and this is the last write-in I’ll miss this month, BUT…

Please feel free to run some Word Wars!!! If someone wants to take charge of this and run a 15-min or 30-min word war (or both), go ahead and do that, and post the winner on this thread — they can claim a prize out of the bucket at the next write-in they attend. Sound good? :)

Write-In Tonight @ Carriage House

We have another write-in tonight at the Carriage House on West Street, at 7pm until 10pm, but you can come and go as you like.

We’ll also be running Word Wars with prizes, and there may be other treats around… just as a heads up… ;)

Also, if you’re having trouble with a section of your novel, pop into our regional forum!

We have a thread going on troublesome plot threads, on writing the novel we wanted to write, on messed up sleep patterns, and even a Grouch-Out thread. Come on in and have your say!

Write-In #3 Today!

Write-in today at Coffee Culture in downtown Brantford!!!

Starts at 1pm, goes until 4pm (officially, but you can come and go as you please)… get lots of writing done, and I’ll see you all on Tuesday!!!

The Early Bird Gets the… Freshest Coffee?

Write-in tomorrow morning at the Blue Dog on Brant Ave.!

I’ll be there from 9 until noon, typing away… if you’d like to join me, please come!

I’ll try to choose a table near an outlet… and if all those tables are busy, I’ll hover over someone until they’re uncomfortable and leave :)

(Er… I’m just kidding about that last part… really…)

Write-In #1 — Tonight!

*****UPDATE***** Please come at 7:30pm tonight instead of 7pm!!! There is a visitation at the Funeral Home until 7pm, and they’d like a few minutes to clean up before we arrive. Thanks everyone!

Hey super duper Wrimos, our first write-in is tonight at 7pm. Runs officially until 10pm, but you’re free to come and go at any time!

We’ll be at the Carriage House for Thorpe’s Funeral Home, 96 West Street.

The Brantford Writers Circle meets there regularly, so we know it’s a nice facility that’s friendly to writing types!

Come write with us and maybe win a prize out of the Amazing Bucket of Amazingness!!!

Hope to see you there. :)