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NaNo 2011 Has Arrived!!!

It’s here, folks.

National Novel Writing Month 2011 begins in just a few short hours. Hold your breath, because this is going to be one crazy month. Actually, let that breath out–I’d rather you didn’t pass out before writing that first sentence, but you get the sentiment, right? o_O

But before we start writing, let’s take stock of our supplies. If you don’t have everything you need, sure, you can go to the store on November 1st… but that would take away from your precious writing time!!!

Check this list to make sure you’re well-stocked and ready to go for the month ahead. Think of anything else that needs adding to the list? Let us know in the comments!!!

Supply Checklist for NaNo 2011

  • laptop/desktop computer and/or large notebooknotepad
  • pens, pencils WITH NO ERASERS (no editing!), pencil sharpener
  • blank paper / graph paper (for doodling when stuck, or drawing maps when needed)
  • copious amounts of coffee / tea / caffeinated soda
  • spare change for write-in drinks and/or the donation jar
  • NaNo Noveling Handbook & die from the Kick-Off Swag Bag
  • NaNo Buddy from the Kick-Off Swag Bag
  • candy and other assorted writing-friendly snack foods (skip the messy Cheetos, have some pretzels instead)
  • (moderately healthy) frozen foods and/or pre-prepared dinners for quick meals (who has time to cook during November?!?!)
  • Tylenol (for the inevitable wrist cramps and/or headaches)
  • lined paper for plotting or leaving notes to family members about why you haven’t showered in three days
  • writing software (check our regional forum for some great suggestions!)
  • an understanding family or spouse
  • a sense of humor
  • your “Dear John” letter to your inner editor (from the Kick-Off) to read during moments of self-doubt
  • writing music, if applicable
  • deodorant (works wonders if you don’t have time to shower or change your clothes)
  • a WILL-DO attitude
  • …and?

Add your suggestions in the comments!

T-24 Hours and Counting…

That’s right.

It’s midnight on Oct. 30th.

Know what that means? It means you have 24 HOURS UNTIL NANOWRIMO BEGINS.

That’s just 24 hours until your fingers hit the keyboard, or your pen hits the page, or your voice and computer magically make the words dance across the screen.

Have patience, Wrimos. It’s almost here.

NaNo is Coming.

Two Weeks to Go!

We’re counting down to NaNo, and we’ve got two weeks to go to get our plots ready, characters figured out, and generally prep ourselves for a month of crazy writing fun!!!

A big “WELCOME!” goes out to the newbies who’ve joined us on the Facebook group and in the forum thus far.

This weekend, I had the privilege of presenting an Intro to NaNoWriMo Novel Writing workshop at the Brantford Writer’s Circle writer’s retreat for the second year, and the participants were a lot of fun and had a pile of talent! I know a few of them have already decided to join us this month, so… welcome! :)

It’s going to be a great month!

And now, another comic for you:


Are you signed up yet?

Head over! Home yourself to our region! Need some help figuring out what to write? Ask around in the forums…


Counting down…

nanotoon_11…really, there are! :D


Didya miss them last year? (I did… I didn’t even know they existed!!!)

I’ll post some of last year’s Toons here leading up to November… something to get you excited and show to your friends who are wondering WHAT THE HECK you’re talking about…


And we’re off!!!

Neutral2_180_180_whiteThat’s right, folks… NaNo 2011 is a GO FOR LAUNCH. We’re live, we’re in, and we’re ready to plan our novels.

If you’re new to National Novel Writing Month, you may be wondering… what the heck IS this crazy venture? What do these people want? WHY ARE THEY ALL TALKING ABOUT BUNNIES?!?!

First, I recommend you head over to the Official NaNoWriMo site and get yourself signed up. Then, set your “home region” as Brant-Norfolk, which allows you to receive updates from me (Faith, your Municipal Liaison!) about where our local events are held, plus encouragement throughout the month, and so forth. It’ll also get your word counts put toward our regional word count total, which is great because last year? Our little region was #23 in the world (out of 540 regions) for the HIGHEST AVERAGE WORD COUNT PER PERSON. Yeah, that’s pretty stinking amazing.

So, once you’re signed in, come to the Regional Forum and introduce yourself! We’re there to provide help, encouragement, and general silliness. It’s going to be a great month, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re getting yourself into.

We’ll have fun… and get some novels written too!

See you on the forums!

NaNo Site Relaunch in 10… 9… 8…

That’s right, folks! We’re just days away from the site relaunch, and that means we’re days away from getting ourselves settled into the new forums, figuring out our Kick-Off event and upcoming write-ins, and meeting all the new participants this year!

There’s going to be lots of exciting stuff happening in 2011, so stay tuned!