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And we’re off in 5… 4… 3… 2…

It’s Tuesday night.

NaNo starts at 12:01am Thursday morning.


Kick-Off Tomorrow!

See you there! This won’t be me… honest… :P

On Your Marks…

Pen? Check. Notebook? Check. Sketches of plot and / or characters? Check. Lappy? Check. Piles of caffeine? Check.

You’ve got a week tomorrow to finish prep… and then we’re OFF!!!

You Coming to the Kick-Off?

If you haven’t RSVP’d yet… this is your last chance! This Saturday, we’ll get together for some good times, laughs, silly games, and plenty of surprises. You may meet your writing soulmate, or a new best friend. Or maybe just make some fantastic casual acquaintances to help get you through the writing month. Either way, it’ll be good times, and you’ll get to meet our mascot Wrimona, if you’ve never met her before. This is her second year with the group, but the first time with an actual name… so I suppose this Kick-Off is a bit of a christening, if you will… and if you won’t, who cares? Come to the Kick-Off anyway!

NaNo Approacheth Ever Closer… so CALM DOWN

Don’t have a plot yet? Or characters? Or even a vague inkling of your topic? No worries! That’s what we’re all here for. And if you really need help, I’m sure there are plenty of ideas floating around in our group (either in our forum or elsewhere on the NaNo site) that we’d be willing to donate to you… perhaps in exchange for a cookie? ;)

The Lure…

I think plenty of people in our region can relate to this post… last year there were several new releases around November *cough*SKYRIM*cough* that I’m sure deterred from word count on at least one day… heh. This year, we have Assassin’s Creed III coming out in the very near future, Borderlands 2 is already sucking the life out of some people, Guild Wars 2 is the reason my house looks like a landfill, and with the Wii U releasing mid-November with a crapload of games?!?! Heh. Yeah. Writing, what’s that?

Outlines are OKAY!

Go ahead and plan as much as you want! Just don’t count them toward your word count total when November hits, m’kay? Some people love to plan, others wing it, and others like a little of both. Why not head over to our regional forum and weigh in on the “Plotter or Panster?” topic? Sometimes it can be encouraging to hear from others whose work habits are similar to yours… or maybe you’ll be inspired to try a different method. I think everyone should try it both ways, just one… you might be surprised at what you learn about the way your brain works!

Yes, We ARE All Crazy. Problem?

People tend to think we’re a little weird… but that’s okay. How many people can actually say they’ve written a novel, or even started it? Too many people are “one day” novelists… and too many people are “one day” dreamers in general. Life is too short to sit around saying “someday”… why not make it TODAY? Or maybe tomorrow, if you have to work. Or next week, if it needs to be scheduled. But STILL. Get on it! There’s literally no time like the present. It’s not a cliche for nothin’!

Don’t Panic!

There’s many things to do to prepare for NaNo, and thankfully we have a great group of participants in this region that make being the ML fairly stress-free (though if you know me, you know I stress at the drop of a pin, so I guess all things in perspective!). Did you know that these Toons were drawn by Errol Elumir, a Toronto Wrimo? I wonder how much truth is actually in these Toons…

Return of the Toons!

Last year’s NaNoToons, restaged here so you have a chance to read them (if you haven’t already). I’ll post select Toons throughout the month, but if you want to read them all, head over to and hit “NaNoToons” in the “Fun Stuff” drop-down menu. :)

Yeah, this is definitely me a little bit during October…