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What’s YOUR Favorite Snack?

As part of our International Word War with Pretoria, South Africa, their ML and I discussed how we could facilitate some, uh, less war-like activities between our regions/countries.

While the challenge given to us is all in good fun, it’s also a chance for us to get to know a little bit about each other — where we’re from, what our regions are known for, and of course, who we are as Wrimos!

So, we’re having a Food Exchange! If you were at the Kick Off, you probably already heard about this… but everyone in our region is welcome to participate!

On November 2nd (our first Write-In), anyone who would like to contribute to the Food Exchange is welcome to bring along a favorite non-perishable snack, which will be packed in a small box and mailed to Pretoria on Monday, November 4th. The hope is that the box will arrive in time for their TGIO (and that theirs will arrive in time for our TGIO) so that we can open our respective boxes together as a group and enjoy what’s inside!

canadian chocolate candy barsSuggestions for food items include:

  • chocolate / chocolate bar
  • hard candy
  • granola bar / protein bar
  • small bag of chips or crackers
  • maple candies / maple-flavored items
  • pre-packaged, durable cookies
  • small bag of salted nuts
  • tea / teabags (Tim Horton’s…?)
  • hot chocolate packet

And if your snack item is Canadian-made, even better! It would be great to show off what Canada (and Brantford!) Wrimos enjoy snacking on during hardcore writing sessions.

Also, if you have a Canadian or Brantford themed item (ie. photo CD, Canadian flag pin, Brantford memorabilia) that’s small enough to slip into the box, you’re welcome to bring that along and send it too!

Remember, items must be brought to the write-in on NOVEMBER 2nd in order to make it in the box. If you are unable to attend that write-in and would still like to contribute, please send a NaNoMail to me (your ML!) and we’ll see if there’s a way I can pick up the item from you over the weekend.

Let’s put together a fun, Canadian/Brantford themed snack box and show these Pretorians what we’re all about!

Where is Pretoria, Anyway…?

Flag of Pretoria

Flag of Pretoria


We’ve been officially challenged to a Regional Word War with Pretoria, South Africa… ooh, exciting!

This means that we’re going to need to make our presence felt in our regional forum and theirs as November moves forward — we want to win this thing!!! Plus, it’s a great chance to meet some new folks from across the globe, and how often do you get to meet international writers? If you haven’t had a chance yet, jump into the Pretoria forum and introduce yourself. Feel free to brag a little. Make them nervous. ;)

Now, for those of you who haven’t looked at a map of Africa lately, here’s a little glimpse of where our challengers are located:

South Africa

See it there, just above Johannesburg?


The War begins on November 1st, so keep working on those plots and ideas… we’re going to need every word if we’re going to win this thing! We’re small but mighty… we can do it!

Kick-Off Deets!

balloon_stock_png_by_mysticmorning-d3kdoy9In a week and a half, it will be that time of year again… time to gather together with our fears, our excitement, and our desire to receive some kind of confirmation that we’re not all as crazy as we think we are.

Well, we are as crazy as we think we are… and that’s okay! Because we’re all in this thing together.

Yes indeedy-do, the annual NaNoWriMo Kick-Off Party is happening once again. And you’re invited!

  • Where: Brantford Tourism Center (the grey building by the mall… next to Kelsey’s)
  • When: Oct. 26, 1-3:30pm
  • Bring: Yourself! A sense of humor!
  • Why: To kick off the month ahead in style.

The tourism center has also mentioned that they’re going to make coffee for us (aww!!!), so let’s give them a warm thank-you when we get there. We also do need to pay attention to the time as the center closes at 4pm, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the party going elsewhere afterward (if you’re not burnt out by being around people by then…).

The Kick-Off is really a time of fun, encouragement, and energizing for November’s insanity. Bring your questions if you have any, and if you have an inkling of a plot, keep that in mind! We just might have a few ways to help you out to make sure that story keeps going.

Pop into the forum to RSVP and let me (your ML) know that you’ll be attending! The official head count for the event will be kept in there only, so that I don’t have to go chasing around social media to find all the “yes” votes. If you have any questions, send me a NaNo Mail or use the “Event Questions” thread on the forum!

(Some of the write-ins are also marked off on the calendar already, and while you don’t need to RSVP for those, write them down on your calendar at home and plan to come out and write with us!)

Here’s hoping to see you next Saturday!

(And here’s that RSVP link again: Kick-Off Party RSVP!)

Creeping toward NaNo 2013…

NaNoWriMo 2013 is almost here!

The NaNo official website has been re-launched and our Brantford-Norfolk forum is up and ready for action. If you haven’t stopped in yet, come by and introduce yourself! Let’s make our forum a welcoming place for new Wrimos.

One thing I’d love to see this year is for NaNo Veterans to be reaching out to newcomers, helping them feel welcome to the group. Because our group has become so tight-knit over the past few years, it might be intimidating for newcomers to feel like they’re a part of things right off the bat.

Saying hello, asking them about their novel, or encouraging them to come out to events like the Kick-Off and write-ins (and then saying hello in person) will go a long way to helping develop our regional pride and nurturing new talent in the area!

Remember how scary NaNo was the first time you tried it? Feel free to share those stories in the forum, too!