Welcome to NaNo 2015!

It’s here! It’s real! And it’s happening RIGHT NOW!!!

And you’re here on our site, so that’s cool too. In previous years we’ve used this space for motivational posts, notifications, or (like last year) we’ve more or less ignored that it exists. This year, we’re trying to boost our community engagement by providing you lovely Wrimosaurs with some great guest posts written by Wrimos in our region. Yay!

These posts will hopefully inspire you, make you laugh, and encourage you as you plug away at your 50,000 word goal.

Please leave a comment if you enjoy the post — everyone likes comments!

And if course, if you have an idea for a NaNo or writing-related post for this blog, please contact me (the ML) either through NaNoMail on the website or by sending an email to info@brantnano.com.

Stay tuned! The guest post for Week One will arrive tomorrow so that you can start your Monday off feeling motivated to tackle the week ahead.

Write on, Wrimosaurs!


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