Writing Tools & Resources

Here is a list of our favorite writing tools for Nano!

If you don’t see your favourites here, let me know and I’ll add them.


Q10 - A distraction-free editor which steals all your screen real estate, like WriteRoom for the Mac. Freeware. (Author’s Site)

Dark Room - Another distraction-killing editor. Requires .NET framework. Freeware. (Author’s SIte)

RoughDraft - An excellent editor geared specifically toward writers. Includes built-in note system. Donationware. (Author’s Site)


Kate - A fairly complete text editor with spell checking. Comes standard with KDE, Freeware. (Author’s Site)

Nano - If you simply must do your writing in a console window, here’s a good editor that’s not permanently stuck in 1983. Freeware (Author’s Site)

Emacs – The quintessential UNIX text editor with an uncomfortable amount of plugins and excessive customization. By the time you set it up the way you like it, Nanowrimo will be over. (Author’s Site)

Nope, not gonna mention vi as a viable writing tool. If you want to be a glutton for punishment, find it yourself ;)

Mac OS X

WriteRoom - The original distraction-free editor. Latest version is shareware, 1.0 version is Freeware. (Author’s Site)

TextWrangler - Bare bones version of the popular BBEdit. Freeware. (Author’s Site)

Scrivener - Combines a great word processor with project management targeted specifically for writers. Supports full-screen mode for distraction-free writing. (Author’s Site)

StoryMill - Another word processor and project management tool built for storywriters. Flesh out characters, scenes, tasks and more from one handy program. (Author’s Site)


Openoffice.org – The seminal free office suite competiting with Microsoft Office. Supports opening and saving many Microsoft Office formats. Available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/UNIX. Freeware. (Author’s Site)

Abiword - A full-featured professional word processor. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/UNIX. Freeware (Author’s Site)